Eric Draven (crowking) wrote in lyricalinferno,
Eric Draven

My thoughts on Thanksgiving

I want to start living a life of thankfulness. I think I figured out why all the other nations of the world don't like or outright hate us Americans. It's because we are not thankful for the blessings bestowed upon us by God. Our actions do not reflect a life of thankfulness.

I was talking with someone earlier tonight and this subject came up. We as Americans are pretty close to being the dumbest, fattest, laziest and hands down the most ungrateful people on this planet. I mean seriously look at us! Here we are in such huge amounts of debt and jobless! How did we get this way? We were blessed by a loving God with a land so far away from the rest of the world that until the last 90 years no body could attack us without us seeing it coming!

God had put into and onto this land all the natural resources required to live a blessed life of peace and harmony with each other! And the question that stands before us today is 'How did this happen?' I'll tell you what I think happened then, you can come to your own conclusions afterward.

We got lazy. Then we became ungrateful and then rebellion happened! Our lives do not reflect a life of thanksgiving! No I'm not talking about that holiday that happens every third Thursday in November. I'm talking about living out thanksgiving. Letting our actions and words be of gratefulness for the love and provision of God. I've seen it in my life soooooo much. I've alienated a whole lot of people in my life who have been so good to me. I've hurt so many people by the words I've said and what I haven't said, by my actions and in-actions. I know you all have that too.

What we do in our daily lives shows our ungratefulness. It's definitely easy to see in how we spend our money! Think about it. If you were thinking with a thankful mind set when it came to spending money would you be in debt? Would you not have an overflow, a surplus that you could give your children an inheritance? Or even provide to the community for the homeless and less fortunate in your local area? I know I would. Or even better give back that small 10% to God that you owe Him? Yeah you heard me I was talking about the tithe. Trust me people I cringe to when ever people mix money God and politics. But seriously lets for the sake of argument leave God and politics out of this discussion.

Thankfulness doesn't even have to involve money that's just one area. Thankfulness and thanksgiving transcends all aspects of our lives. It's reflected in how we are productive or even if we are productive. It's not just being a busybody but it's a condition of the heart. It's WHY you are doing it that matters! Do you go to work just because you have to keep a roof over your head, to be able to eat, and pay those bills or even save up for that vacation? If so then it's pointless! Why do it? You're just going to die someday anyway. You can't take any of it with you when you die. Someday we will all have to account for our lives. The only thing that's going to matter is, why did you live this way? It's the condition of the heart.

Folks you and I aren't thankful for what we have! Because if we did our actions, our words, our relationships, our lives would show it! I am probably more guilty of this than anyone who will ever read this but so are you. Change your hearts folks. Be thankful! The heart of thanksgiving and thankfulness is that of love! Love your neighbors, love your families, love your self and most importantly love your provider the Creator of us all who is called the Christ the Son of the Living God! I promise you and this is the only promise I can make anyone, is that if you live a life of thanksgiving you will be blessed immeasurably and so will those around you!

In Iraq I saw how well we live here and how much they struggle. There is a time for relaxation and then there is a time for work. But no matter what situation we are in, it is always time to be grateful and thanksgiving. There is always a time to love.

Won't you join me in being more productive and more thankful?

May the God of peace reside in you always!
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